October 18-20, 2017

at the SpringWorks Festival, Stratford ON

Springworks Roominhouse card



Whoever said love thy neighbour obviously didn’t live here.  Suzanne moves into the apartment building to start a new life, not suspecting that her subsidized status will spark Chad`s powder keg of issues.  She yearns for what used to be her home, while he feels that his castle has become a cage.  Between her demons and his, their relationship evolves into something possessive, strange and volatile.

Now more than ever, population mobility is a globally shared challenge, requiring that the negotiation of shared space overtake our territoriality.  Even while we are generous to those at a distance, many of us balk at the new bodies occupying ‘our’ landscape, depleting ‘our’ resources, receiving ‘our’ assistance.  When we are all struggling, who is entitled to help?  When we disagree with the policies of the powerful, why do the repercussions fall upon the weak?


Inspired by stories from the Chad/Sudan border, Roominhouse is a part of the 54ology: an effort to respond artistically to stories from each nation state on continental Africa.

Roominhouse was developed in part through a Canada Council for the Arts supported residency at Canada’s National Arts Centre, 2014.


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